Friday, July 31, 2015

The Sparkling Light Face Lord

The sparking light hit the beautiful face so well that everyone fell in love.

"Ooooooh." said they.
"Ahhhhhh." they ahh'd.
"So beautiful." they said.
"Let's worship the beautiful face and then go talk to it." said they.

They walked up to the well lit beautiful face. But the sun and moon moved and the sparkling light lit it differently.

"Gasp, uh oh." they said.
Then the beautiful face moved over a little and it was beautiful again.
"Oh phew, wow beautiful again. Great light. True beauty." they said to themselves.

They decided to speak to it.
"Hey beautiful face. Give us the answers. We project it all onto you. Because of you. Speak and speak now!" they said.
A dumb doe-eyed look came into the beautiful face's eyes. It spoke.
"Uhh...." said the beautiful face.

This landed in a sour spot for them, as it was not what they were expecting. The dumb unconfident look in the eyes didn't help.

"Uhh??" they repeated incredulously.
"It said Uhhh???" more of them repeated.
"We hate that!! This beautiful face is nothing! There's nothing there!!!!!" said all of them.

Then they started getting restive and rowdy. It was tense. The beautiful face tried to save face and say something interesting.

"I went to college." it said.
"Booo." they grr'd.
"My book club is also a meditation club." it tried again.
"Grrr..." they howled.
"Arrghghgh..." they chattered.
"Want to know my favorite DJ?!"
"Get busted!" they rahh'd.
"I had a gay phase once!" it pleaded.

They were gone. The beautiful face had lost them. They all went and smoked, drank, pissed, shit, cussed, fucked, cut themselves, vomited, licked armpits, sniffed dirty clothes, put hair in their food and ate it, punched each other, bled on each other, shot chemicals into their veins pushed motor bikes off cliffs, screamed til their cords were raw, and their acid reflux from over eating spicy food, caused erosive esophagitis. Then they continued with the bad stuff. They chopped down trees, pantsed strangers, wore eyepatches, yanked on their hair follicles, crank called people, and climbed fences to jump on a neighbor's trampoline until.... they saw a new face of beauty that was lit with the beautiful sparkling light.

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