Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Luke Goes Fishin' in the Dating Pool

Luke was a slightly desperate happening guy who was playin' the dating field and he wanted to meet a sweet. He called up Peg.

"Peg! Babe, help me out, I'm lookin' for a babe!" said Luke.
"Hmmm let me think." said Peg.

Peg was Luke's friend, not a lady that Luke was after to go on a date with.

"Cmon you gotta think of someone!" said Luke.
"Luke what the heck, do I look like a dating service?!" said Peg.
"I just I just I just I just I'm so lonely!"
"Okay okay okay okay okay I can't stand to hear a guy be so pathetic give me a second to think."
"Okay think fast." said Luke.
"Say Luke, are you still into mermaids?" asked Peg.
"Oy say oh brother am I ever, pal." said Luke.

Luke had the hots for mermaids cuz he liked those fins and those shells and those flapper flippers. Luke thought it was sexy stuff. And could anyone refute him?! Anyway moving on...

"Okay so I think I know a gal who is part mermaid, you bring that dunce pal of yours Buzzo and we'll all go have a nice time this weekend." said Peg.
"Peg, you're a life saver."

Luke and Buzzo stood by the Corn Bar, a bar that served booze and corn, and waited outside for Peg and her part mermaid friend. On down the sidewalk came a strollin' Peg and the friend. They arrived.

"Heya Peg ya dress look priddy!" said Buzzo the dope.
"Hey Peg." said Luke.
"Hi guys," said Peg, "This is Pearl."
"Hi I'm Pearl." said Pearl.

Luke was silent for a moment. Pearl didn't look like a standard mermaid. She had legs. He should have been suspicious, mermaids can't walk to the Corn Bar. Pearl had legs because she was a reverse mermaid, with lady legs and a fish head. She was still pretty though and Luke was into her. Pearl was a reverse mermaid but she drank like a fish. They both got drunk and French kissed. Buzzo had a bowl haircut and ate a lot of bar nuts.

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