Thursday, July 16, 2015

Janice and Flower Almost Become Friends

Janice and Flower were talking and having a great bond and becoming friends. They moved on the the subject of organization. Flower was color coordinated and had her top tucked into her skirt. Janice was a rag doll lady with a mop head of hair.

"I'm messy." said Janice.
"I'm clean." said Flower.
"Oh well that's great to know."
"I'm great at being clean."
"Fantastic." said Janice.

Flower looked very smug and proud.
"Did you think it was great to know because you think I am very interesting?"

That wasn't why Janice said it was great to know.
"Well sure. But I also thought it was great to know because maybe you could help me be clean some time."

Flower furrowed her clean brow and looked incredulous.
"What? Ew! No! I don't want to get near your messiness." said Flower.

Janice looked embarrassed. She realized she had only admitted to being messy because they had been having a vulnerable talk and Janice felt comfortable sharing personal information with Flower.

"I just think messy is so gross and that is really the main reason why I am so clean." said Flower.
"Ah. Well... yes. Makes sense." said Janice, clamming up.
"If I get near mess it just messes me up. It's why I am always clean and never messy."
"I just wanted some maybe tips or something."
"My tip is keep your messy away from me." said Janice.

Janice thought Flower was over reacting and being harshly judgmental after Janice had opened up to Flower. But Flower wanted Janice to close that open spot up. She just couldn't handle it.

"Let me tell you a secret." said Janice.
"Okay." said Flower.

Then Janice looked at the sun and got an intense beam of light into her face. She took a quick deep breath, squeezed her eyes shut, put her face in the secret whisper position and then expelled a harcore sneeze into Flower's ear.

Flower did not like it and their blooming friendship was over. But the revenge was sweet.

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