Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Team Saves the Hood

Yarbis the rich guy was so glad to have all his money!
"Phew I'm always relieved that's not something I have to worry about!"

Pockfaced Gunther had a great handshake and a greater punch in a fight.
"Watch me knock a guy out!" he said.

Filthy Wilma loved Pickles.
"I like them salty juices!" she declared.

Frank the Bank was the toughie who knew how fix car engines and he had a ton of money.
"I smell horsepower!" he cackled.

Junior Wizzy was a computer whiz.
"I'm great at backing people up and I make sure I'm always backed up!" he said.

They were the perfect team to heist the flower shop, which was owned by the bad guy, Owen Doogus, on the block, and Owen Doogus was a slumlord and he let his flowers die.

The gang was gonna heist him because they heard that's where he kept his business contracts and secret plans to get rid of all the people living in the neighborhood. They were gonna save the flowers too. They all convened and devised their plan.

It would go into effect Sunday night. Filthy Wilma would distract Owen Doogus as he was leaving. Pockfaced Gunther would pick the lock. Junior Wizzy would hack into the computer and download all his files and plans. Frank the Bank would drive the getaway car. And if all else failed Yarbis the rich guy would just buy all the property from Owen Doogus, and Frank the Bank would also contribute, as he had a bit of money himself.

Wilma waited for Owen to exit his place. He did.

"Hey Sugar I like to dance!" said Wilma.
"Eh?!" said Owen.

Then Wilma started going into dry heaves. The gang aborted the initial plan and Yarbis called the next day and negotiated to take over the properties in the neighborhood from Owen. Owen agreed. Then Yarbis still wound up turning over the neighborhood and kicking everyone out of their reasonably priced homes. He was an asshole I guess.

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