Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Romantic Letter

Madolfo was writing a letter to his dear sweet sweet loved one Bajessica.

"Bajessica!" the letter read. "You are so neat. And remember the time we ate wax candy big funny lips together? I think we should do that more often. Like all the time. That was yesterday. I don't have much else to say. Hmm. What else can I say now?"

Madolfo stopped writing to think about what he could write to Bajessica. He closed his eyes and started moving his pencil on the paper.

"Bajessica did I mention I think you are pretty? I think girls like to hear they are pretty. I am writing now. Write, write, write, write, write! Here I am. Writing you this letter. I am wearing cool shorts. My grandmother gave them to me. Do you own shorts? They are great for hot weather. That's a silly question, of course you know about shorts."

Madolfo stopped because he had an itch on the back of his neck. He scratched it for a while. The scratch felt good.

"Hey Bajessica, ever scratch an itch so long that it feels real good but you wonder if you're doing damage? That just happened to me. Hmm I hope you aren't grossed out by that. Gosh I'm thinking too much for you instead of me. I need to try to focus on what I'm thinking and just be in the moment. That itch though, let me tell you more about it." 

Madolfo stopped again and thought maybe it was a bad idea to talk about his itches so much in his letter. Then he looked down at the paper, because he'd had his eyes closed, and saw that most of the letter hadn't been written because his pencil point broke.

"Oh shoot!" said Madolfo. Madolfo got up to walk across the room to sharpen his pencil at the pencil sharpener.

"There's that pencil sharpener!" he said, as he looked at it from across the room. Then he started to walk. He took a step forward. "Hey this step is fun!" he said. Then he took another step. "That step was just as fun!" Then he took more steps. "These are great steps!" Then he thought about how in the moment he was and he loved it "Ha! This is so fun I love now, now is a great time!" he said. "Hey I think I'll scrap that stuff I was going to write to Bajessica about itches and write about how interesting this walk across the room is!" he said.

Then Madolfo got to his pencil sharpener. He put the pencil in and started sharpening it. It was a manual one. Then he glanced over and saw that he had an electric sharpener. "Oh I've got to use that instead. It will be much more fun." Then he stuck his pencil in and sharpened it. It was so satisfying to him. "It's like sex! He he he." he joked to himself. Then he got self conscious. "That was a dirty joke. Maybe I shouldn't make such jokes. But they are fun sometimes, he he." Then his pencil was sharp and he finished his letter and got another hot date with Bajessica and she even paid for dinner.

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Bajessica Fan Art: http://santabreath.blogspot.com/2016/04/romanticletterjpg.html