Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dazzle Doo and Sneaky Tee

Dazzle Doo walked up to Sneaky Tee.

"Hey honey dunny don't you wanna see a show? I'll give ya a kiss and I'll give ya a shove and I'll do a little diddle and I'll spin around town! Whoo!" said Dazzle Doo then he shimmied and shook and spun around.

Then Sneaky Tee looked to the left and looked to the right and pointed in a direction to the side of them both directing Dazzle Doo's attention over to it. It was a feller on a little bicycle. It seemed like it was going to be interesting but it wasn't very interesting at all actually. When Dazzle Doo turned his head back to Sneaky Tee. Sneaky Tee was gone.

Sneaky Tee had tinker toodled over to the corner to hide and be sneaky.
"I ticklety tuckered and now you're dicklety duckered!" said Sneaky Tee.
"Ooh ooh ooh, you you you, I'll get a dazzle on you." said Dazzle Doo.
"Nee nee nee." said Sneaky Tee.
"You can't sneak on me. I'll get a dazzle on you."

Then Dazzle Doo whisked his hips over the Sneaky Tee's hiding corner. Dazzle Doo was wearing a sequin tight and star-shaped sunglasses. He flapped his wrists and shimmied his bottom.

"This is what I do to my friends and enemies!" said Dazzle Doo, "So shame on you, and you're welcome!" Dazzle continued.

Then Dazzle Doo did a dazzle dance to match all dazzle dances. it lit up the corner and he glowed. Everyone walked by and had an "aaaah" expression on there face. Dazzle did it up for the ages. When Dazzle was done he stuck his landing and there would be no deniability that Dazzle Doo was the number one dazzler.

But Dazzle Doo turned to Sneaky Tee and Sneaky Tee was gone. Sneaky Tee had gone to the Dizzlecorp where Dazzle Doo was a Dozzle Analyzer and convinced the CEO that the best person for that job would be Sneaky Tee. Sneaky Tee did it by describing the spectacular dazzle dance that Dazzle Doo had just done.

"Sounds like it'd perfect for us. You're great in the room." said the CEO. Sneaky Tee was good in the room.

Dazzle Doo was out of a job and Sneaky Tee was very sneaky. From that point forward in life Dazzle Doo had to then figure out what to do with his dazzles.

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