Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Magic Toilet-Seat Ride

Zitmouth and Armpithead went on the famous secret often talked about but rarely experienced notorious magic toilet-seat ride through the big mountain of pee and then over the throw up rainbow.

"Wow the throwup rainbow is everything I ever dreamed it'd be." said Zitmouth.
"I'm underwhelmed by it." said Armpithead.

Then the Majestic Detergent Dragon Blew hot bubbles at them, knocking them off their toilet seat.

"Ahhhh!" they yelled as they fell. But then they were caught by the Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff. Which made them covered in gray dust.

"Cough cough." said Zitmouth.
"You saved us!" said Armpithead.
"All I was doin' was just sitting around and you landed on me! You saved yourselves." said Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff.
"I guess that is true." said Armpithead.
"I saw we all played a part in this scenario and we made a good team." said Zitmouth.
"Hey you're wise." said Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff.
"Thanks." said Zitmouth.
"Say how'd you get so lucky as to get a coveted two seat ride on the magic toilet-seat ride. That's only stuff of lore. Like me!" said Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff.
"I won it off a Scratch and Snort contest!" said Zitmouth.
"Hey wait a second. Lore? Are you the Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff?!" asked Armpithead.
"In the flesh!" said Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff.

Armpithead and Zitmouth were flabberdusted.

"You hold the secret to the Canker Sore Fortune. Is it real?!" said Zitmouth.
"Yeah of course. It's in weaser's wet cavehole. I'll drift you to it."

Then Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff driffted Zitmouth and Armpithead to weaser's wet cavehole were they got all the scabby coins from hundreds of years in hiding.

"We are rich! We did it! We can save the day now!" they cheered.
"Hey congrats guys." said Puffy Gruffy Smog Cloud Cuddlepuff.

And they were able to go home and save the rat den they lived in!

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