Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Pizza Pouch

"Now I need to put things in my mouth!" said Gerwin Crub.

Gerwin sat on his couch which had many piles of many clothes, clean and dirty. "I don't know how those got there." he said in his mind many times when he looked at the piles. But this time the thing on his mind was the things that needed to go in his mouth.

"I should put a Pizza Pouch in my mouth." said Gerwin.

Gerwin sat there more. He thought about the ways to get the Pizza Pouch in his mouth. He'd need a process. A plan. His t-shirt was tight. His belly bulged through it. The tight t-shirt rode up his belly exposing part of it. Gerwin had hairs on his belly. An ant crawled through the hairs and Gerwin didn't notice. He plotted his plan and planned his plot...

"First I will get up. Then I will walk to the freezer. Then I will open it and pull out the remaining Pizza Pouch. Then I will put it in the microwave oven. Then it will cook. Then I will eat it." said Gerwin.

Gerwin got up and enacted his plan. Though there was a hitch. The microwave wasn't plugged and so it wouldn't work. He had unplugged it when he was looking for the scissors, which had fallen behind the microwave, the day before because he had a toenail issue. Today the thought of bending over and plugging in the microwave was very difficult. So this posed a problem for Gerwin.

"Well I guess the microwave is ruined." he said.

Right next to the microwave was the oven. "Hey that gets hot!" said Gerwin. But then he thought about it and gritted his teeth and clenched his chunky fist. "This will take longer." he said. But what choice did he have? So he tossed his Pizza Pouch in the oven. Five minutes seemed like a reasonable cook time.

The outside of the Pizza Pouch got all brown and black and toasted. The inside stayed mostly frozen, except for some corners which had some melty cheese bubbles. Gerwin ate the Pizza Pouch anyway.

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chris said...

A Pizza Pouch Picture: http://santabreath.blogspot.com/2016/05/pizzapouchjpg.html