Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Better Blue Gruesome Twosome

Renee was cold, icy and mysterious. Judith was cocky, but easily shaken in the confidence department.

"Hey." Judith.
"Hi." Renee.
"Your shirt is nice. I like the color blue." said Judith.
"Thanks, your eyes are blue." said Renee
"Thanks." said Judith.
"Why are you thanking me?" said Renee.
"Oh I guess I thought... nevermind." said Judith.

Judith darted her eyes away, embarrassed she tried to change the subject.

"This is a great sidewalk we are standing on." said Judith.
"You thought I was complimenting your eyes." said Renee.

Judith was busted. She did think that.

"Um, so what?! So what if I did?" said Judith.
"So nothing. It just means you are so into your eyes that you expected a compliment. You probably don't even like my blue shirt you just wanted me to talk about your eyes and saw the color blue as a great segue to talking about them." said Renee.

Renee was right again. Judith was busted again. Then Judith regained her composure and confidence.

"You know what bitch?! My beautiful blue eyes are the best! And yeah I wanna talk about them because they are a marvel. And your shirt pales in comparison to my beautiful oh so blue eyes." said Judith.

Then Renee who was a real tough bitch did the unexpected and ripped Judith's eyes out. Judith screamed and cried and also lost her confidence again.

Renee held Judith's eye balls and said "Now my shirt is prettier."
Then Renee crossed the state lines and started a new life. She was a loner and a rambler with nothing to lose anyway.

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