Sunday, July 19, 2015

Melvin's Party Antics

"Hey I'm a great masseuse and it's a competitive field the masseuse field. Some people branch out and try to get into chiropracting as well as masseusing then they get into acupuncture and it becomes very complicated. Me I just stick with masseuseness. I don't want to be spread too thing. When people start dilly dallying in multiple fields like that they lose focus of their one true passion. I understand the pressures of wanting to succeed and expand your market, but I truly believe passion for what you're doing comes first and if you put your passion first then you lead the way of where your passion is taking you." said Melvin.
"Neat. Thanks for telling me that stuff." said Prune.
"Anyway enough about me and my passion. What's your name?" said Melvin.
"It's Prune." said Prune.
"Ooh that's such a pretty name." said Melvin.
"Did it used to be Plum?" said Melvin, jokingly.
"Hehe." said Prune.
"What, didn't you think that joke was funny?" asked Melvin.
"Well I've heard it a lot."
"Oh." suddenly Melvin got embarrassed because he thought he was being so clever and interesting but he was just saying the same stuff everyone said to Prune.
"This is a pretty nice party and neat old house, huh?" said Melvin.
"I have to go to the bathroom." said Prune.

Prune didn't really have to go to the bathroom. She just wanted to get away from Melvin because of the dumb plum joke he made. Melvin stood there sipping his drink. A ghost haunted up to him.

"Hey I was sitting and listening to you, you sounded like a real blowhard." said the ghost.
"Who said that?" said Melvin.
"Me that ghost. This house is old. Ghosts, a lot of us." said the ghost.
"Oh. Scary."
"Not really. But anyway you loved talking about yourself and that bad joke... heh..." said the ghost.
"Hey! Lot of pressure I don't know what to say. I'm just trying to make a living as a masseuse." said Melvin.
"I understand, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just stand around and listen to conversations, I've gotten pretty good judgement at this point." said the ghost.
"I had high expectations about coming here I'll admit." said Melvin.
"I can tell cuz your hair looks like you put a lot of work into it." said the ghost.
"Agh I'm suddenly embarrassed. I'm going to leave. Hey would you mind telling some people about my masseuse business?" said Melvin.
"Yeah I'll haunt a few people about it. Good luck." said the ghost.

Melvin went home and looked in the mirror. "I'm so stupid. And kind of a failure. Damnit." he said.

Melvin went to work the next week and gave a lonely massage to a paranormal specialist who wasn't sure how he found out about the place.

"Hey... that party wasn't so bad after all." thought Melvin.

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