Saturday, July 18, 2015

Detective Douf

Detective Douf was on the case.

"Hey is this a clue?" he said.
"Hey are you a crook?" he'd ask.
"Hey who did the crime?!" he'd say.
"Hey what's the evidence?" he'd go.
"Aw Detective Douf you stink!" said Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers was a Detective judger. He'd walk in the room first, then say it. He had a puffed out chest too, so you know that was intimidating.

"Aw no I stink?" said Detective Douf.
"That's right, get off the case." said Jim Rogers.
"You have case offing power?" asked Detective Douf.
"Yes I do!" said Jim Rogers.

So Detective Douf went home and cried and cried.
"Aww I'm off the case! I stink! This is no good. I guess I'll drink."

Then he hit the drink.
"Now I'm drunk! I stink and I'm drunk! I was on the case and I stunk!"

Before you going feeling too bad for Detective Douf. First of all try to remember that he lucked into the job and someone who would have been better at it got the job. But his grandfather Captain Schmubs put a call in. So that's not super fair. Second of all try to remember that Detective Douf was mean to people sometimes. One time he told Sniffy Rogers she had big hands and two left feet for ears. Sniffy was sad sad sad about it. See? Not so likable now.

"Awww I'm a bad guy. I done bad things. I am surprised I didn't do the crime!" said Detective Douf.

He started thinking about the bad things he's done. "Aw that was bad, and that was bad, and that was bad, and that was too. Hey wait a second!" That's when it dawned on him. He grabbed his detective coat and and headed for the door.

Detective Douf went over to Jim Rogers house.
"Hey Jim Rogers! Guess what?! I figured a thing out. I know when you were mean to me cuz I was mean to Sniffy Rogers. And guess who Sniffy Rogers is? Your sister! Rogers/Rogers?! Make sense?"
"Looks like you cracked the case of why I wanted you off the case. You're pretty good."
"Can I be back on the case?" asked Detective Douf.
"The case was already solved, sorry." said Jim Rogers
"Damn? You're supposed to want the case to be solved, you're a Detective."
"Oh. Guess I've got a lot to learn. Damn." said Detective Douf.

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