Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sarcastic Sally and Rhetorical Rick

Sarcastic Sally sipped her salt flavored tea. Rhetorical Rick ripped into a ripe apple sandwich. Rhetorical Rick didn't want the apple sandwich, but he was so hungry and was trying to eat more apples because he heard they were healthy. Sally could tell Rick wasn't enjoying the sandwich.

"I'll bet you just love that sandwich." said Sarcastic Sally.
"Do we only do things we love?" replied Rhetorical Rick.

Sarcastic Sally sat and pondered that for a while. As she did any time Rhetorical Rick spoke. It was hot outside. They were sweating profusely.

"Gee I sure could use a winter coat because I am so cold." said Sarcastic Sally.
"Do we only talk about the weather when there is nothing real to talk about? And is there ever really anything real to talk about?" said Rhetorical Rick.

Sarcastic Sally sat and pondered that for a while too. She sipped her salty tea. Rhetorical Rick chewed. Sally kept pondering. Rhetorical Rick had a way of making Sally ponder things. It was probably the deep thoughtful questions he'd ask.

Condescending Colin came over.

"Aw you guys are sitting all together with each other at this table." said Condescending Colin.
"Too bad there are only two chairs and not a third one for you to join us!" said Sarcastic Sally.

Then Passive Aggressive Patsy passed by.

"Colin, you were supposed to join me at the ice cream shop and you didn't but it was okay because I got to eat more ice cream by myself."
"Aw you love ice cream, don't you?" said Condescending Colin.
"How could someone pass up the opportunity to meet you for ice cream?" said Sarcastic Sally.
"How do we all exist peacefully together?" asked Rhetorical Rick.

Sarcastic Sally, Condescending Colin, Passive Aggressive Patsy and Rhetorical Rick all sat there and pondered that for a while.

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