Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gertie in the Wrong Place

Gertie was walking around in the dark room. It was a room filled with dark. She couldn't see.

She had been looking for a snack in the kitchen after she was looking for a stapler to staple some papers and a drawing she thought would go well together because the drawing was a drawing of a fellow she dreamed about a couple of times who she wasn't sure if was from her past but it was an incomplete drawing because she felt she needed a special deep black charcoal pencil though she wasn't a trained artist but the paper featured instructions on how to draw the figure properly should she meet some sort of brain damaging accident or straight on demise which is why the instructions in the papers were important to her even though in the larger scale the figure in her dream and legacy of what she was doing by putting instructions together was excessive and didn't really mean anything and she probably was not actually important enough to warrant someone finishing this minuscule side project but the pencil type she was after was not where she thought she had left it she was always leaving things in places where they shouldn't have been and she herself found herself in places she shouldn't have been like the time she was in a man's home who would go on to be accused of murdering a woman who looked like her and his whole defense team in the legal system wound up dead before he could be convicted so it was a deferred trial but he had a family connection to Russian drug traffickers though he himself was not Russian and she herself was not a drug addict it was just a place Gertie found herself in much like the dark room because the kitchen didn't have the snacks she was after and the stapler didn't have any staples but she kept the staples in the fridge sometimes but the fridge only had snacks she wasn't looking for like bell peppers and gummie chews which reminded her that gummie chews didn't go in the fridge they went in the pantry which was in the garage which didn't have a car in it because she didn't drive but the garage came with the home and she did live and she needed the home but it had storage in it and a pantry which should have been in the kitchen instead of the garage because her home layout matched her propensity to not keep things in the proper places like the pantry where the gummies should have been placed which reminded her to check for a more desirable drier snack in the pantry in the garage which was used for storage which was filled with dark which was the color of the charcoal pencil she needed for the drawing of the man in her memory which may have been concocted by an amalgam of multiple childhood experiences like the time she was trapped in a dark closet and heard stomping and fell asleep and woke up safe in the traveling circus day care which kept her completely safe but her parents were so panicked that harm may have come to her when they arrived that they implanted the feelings of a trauma with their fear so trauma in her life became associated with the feeling of safety which is why when she was in the frightful dark room and she bumped into the plants she kept there and the wilted leaves tickled her arm she screamed.


Though no harm had actually come to her. She had forgotten why she was in the dark.

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chris said...

Circus day care: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9GHedt-D1C8/VsK5QdomJ9I/AAAAAAAAAyY/vvynUZxtjo8/s1600/GertieINtheWRONGplace.jpg