Thursday, July 9, 2015

Puggo's Big Daily Challenge

Puggo worked a hard day at the factory and the office and the hot pizza oven. He had to alternate between them and they were short staffed too. That's right, it was a factory that made mechanical parts that were sold to mechanical companies, which Puggo had to research and delegate and negotiate and dispatch and dot tees and cross eyes for. They also sold very hot pizza which Puggo had to make dough for. He kneaded it! Needless to say it was an exhausting gig. Not exhausting enough though.

Ya see, Puggo was so tough and a hard ass worker. He had muscles out ta here. Buns firm as iron. Sweat like acid rain. Eyes like a 747. Knuckles like tree roots. Teeth that said "Grrr." But the job was the only time of the day where he felt he could be leisurely.

Once he got home was when the work really started. He was tough indeed but not tough enough. He enjoyed the work, he wasn't looking forward to going home. Because he knew when he went home had to go and fuck his goddamn wife.

Puggo walked down the street after work with Gulch. Gulch was yapping. Gulch was annoying.  Gulch talked and talked and talked. Puggo didn't mind. It was the easier part of his day.

"I found a piece of ham in my belly button once and I ate it and it tasted like any old ham just a little warmer is all, I think I'm clean so I wasn't worried about it and you know what I never got sick!" said Gulch.
"Mhm." said Puggo. Puggo just walked and let Gulch pump all that chatter into Puggo's head. This was still better than the part of the day where he had to go home and fuck his goddamn wife.

Then they stopped and heard a dark deathly cry. Puggo stood blocks from his house. He could hear it. It was his wife bellowing. He had to go and fuck her.

"Puggo you gotta get over here and fuck me!!!!!!" said Wifeo.
"Oh boy. This is by far the hardest part of my day." said Puggo to Gulch.
"Well feller, good luck." said Gulch.

Puggo caved. He turned to Gulch. This big Puggo of a guy started to whimper.

"Gulch. You gotta save me. I can't do it. I can't live my life like this no more. My wife, she's a grade A heggle-monster!"
"She's a heggle-monster?" said Gulch.
"Puuuggggooo!! I can smell you down the block!! Get over here and FUCK me!!!" said Wifeo.
"Please. Please hide me. Something... I... I... I can't!" cried Puggo.
"Buddy I got limited space and my own set of problems." said Gulch.

So Puggo went home and fucked his monster of a wife, just like the day before. Then he got up for work the next day and did the same thing.

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