Friday, July 31, 2015


Bookhead lived in Bookland where there were a bunch of bookheads. All they knew mostly were books and the books they read. Books were everywhere. It was book overload.

Bookhead was like "Book-book-book-book-book I like my life book-book-book words-words-words you know what I'm saying?" And Bookhead 2 was like "Yes, yes, yes I book you all around words-words-sentences things-that-someone-wrote!"

"I am hungry let's go book-book-words-read-read!" Bookhead said.
"Sounds like a great book idea! Book-book-book?" said Bookhead 2.
"Certainly." said Bookhead.

Then Bookhead and Bookhead 2 walked around in circles bumping into each other. They knocked over a stack of books.

"Books!" said Bookhead 2.
"Word so sorry!" said Bookhead.
"Read where you're going!" said Old Grumpy Bookface.

Then they went to a bookstand and booked some books into their bookheaded faces.
"This reads down nice and easy." said Bookhead.
"Mine's kinda wordy." said Bookhead 2.

Then Bookhead and Bookhead 2 stumbled into a movie theater.

"Cannot wait to see what this book-book-book will book-book."
"Book too!"
"I don't read-read a single book in here..." said Bookhead with curious caution.

Then the lights went dim, the film projector lit up, the sound of flickering filled the room, and the movie began. Bookhead and Bookhead 2 furrowed their pages and scratched their spines.

"What is this?" Book said.
"What in the book is going on?!" said Book 2.
"What in the word is happening?!?"
"These aren't book!"
"Word are the words??!"
"Read am very scared!"

Bookhead and Bookhead 2 screamed and flapped their pages through the entire duration of the picture and never comprehended why the movie wasn't a book.

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