Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jonny Jabbadabba Gets Forgetful

Jonny Jabbadabba was walkin' down the car roof and the car ran out of roof so he fell off. Luckily the car wasn't in motion and he fell on the ground but it wasn't in motion so no cars were whizzing behind for him to fall under.

"Phew that was close, dangalang-a-dingdong close!" said Jonny Jabbadabba.
"Man I saw that whole suckin' thing!" said Goiks!
"I got lucky ducky." said Jonny Jabbadabba.

Then Jonnny Jabbadabba wanted to go get a chili-dog. So he went to Ditch's Dog's

"Come on in to Ditch's Dogs where you dig in a ditch and get rich off yumdogs!" said Cackle Splackle, the owner of Ditch's Dogs.
"I want the Original Ditch Dog, my razzmatazz compadre!" said Jonny Jabbadabba.
"That'll be 20 minutes. I'm gonna make it real good for you so it takes time." said Cackle Splackle.

So Jonny Jabbadabba stood around tappin' his toes and shakin' his rumpus to the background music and he got so into the music that he got forgetful and that's when tragedy struck and Jonny Jabbadabba's mouth fell off.

"Oh no!" it said from the ground.
"What happened?" said Quirky Earl.

Jonny Jabbadabba pointed to the ground.
"Eww ya mouth fell off!" said Quirky Earl.
"Yeah and I was about to eat a Ditch Dog. Then sing a song!" said Jonny's mouth from the ground.
"Tell ya what pal, I don't normally do this, but you're a real daddy cat so I'm gonna lend you my mouth." and Quirky Earl gave his mouth to Jonny Jabbadabba.
"But listen if I don't get this back I'm gonna be pissed." said Quirky Earl's mouth from Quirky Earl's hand.

Jonny Jabbadabba put Quirky Earl's mouth on his face.
"Ditch Dog ready!" said Cackle Splackle.
Jonnny Jabbadabba ate the Ditch Dog with Quirky Earl's mouth.

"Mmmm mmmm, this is primo demon, baby! Yumma dum dum, you know what I'm sayin'?" said Quirky Earl's mouth on Jonnny Jabbadabba's face.
Quirky Earl nodded, because he knew how good those Ditch Dogs were.

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