Thursday, July 23, 2015

When Bro Lied

Bro lied to Baby and Baby found out.

"I can't believe you would lie to me!" said Baby.
"I didn't lie to you." said Bro.
"You're lying now I know you are!" said Baby.
"It ain't true!" said Bro.
"You know what's not true? What you said before!" said Baby.
"No, Baby." said Bro.
"Admit it!" said Baby.
"Okay I lied to you! I shouldn'ta lied to you, but listen to me!" said Bro, as Baby was walking away.

Then My Boy showed up, he was ready to go.
"Bro, c'mon let's go." said My Boy.
"What's he doing here?" said Baby.
"That's My Boy!" said Bro.
"Bet you lie to him too!" said Baby.
"No way I wouldn't lie to My Boy!" said Bro.
"Oh but you'd lie to me!" said Baby.
"Baby I wouldn't lie to you!" said Bro.
"But you did!" said Baby.
"Hey Bro! Let's go!" said My Boy, again.
Then Baby walked away again.
"Let me explain." said Bro.

Then Baby walked away to the other side of the room and pointed her eyes up to the ceiling with her arms crossed.

"Baby, look at me."
She didn't look.
"Baby, cmon."
She wouldn't.

"Baby, you're my everything." said Bro.
This meant a lot to Baby. She turned around.
"You mean it?" said Baby.
"Yeah Baby," said Bro. "I know I lied to you, Baby. But you know what?"
Baby hung on Bro's next words...
"It was wrong."

"Hey Bro, let's go." said My Boy again again.
"Baby, I gotta go." said Bro, "But I'll be back later, Baby."

Then Bro kissed Baby on the lips and left and she felt like he was her man.

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