Saturday, August 1, 2015

Brone Droner Gives Down

Brone Droner was beat down by life and wife and son and gun and gum and chum.

"Don'tcha wanna get up and take me by the honches??" said life.
"Mo..." said Brone.
"Don't you wanna do the dishes and be a good husband?" said wife.
"Mo..." said Brone.
"Don't you wanna teach me my homework?" said son.
"Meh." said Brone.
"Don't you wanna protect your home and family from me?" said bad guy intruder.
"Mar..." said Brone.
"Aw man cmon." said gun.
"Do you wanna chew on me already?" said the stiff gum that sat in his mouth.
"Mrrr..." said Brone.

Then the stiff gum just rested in his teeth.

"Knock knock knock." said the door.
Nothing said Brone. He sat there.

"Do you wanna answer me?" said the door.
"Mo..." said Brone.
"Hey it's me Gecker!" said his friend Gecker from the other end of the door.
"Hey Gecker." said Brone.

Brone wasn't as beat down by Gecker so it wasn't as difficult to response.

"Say, wanna go fishin'? I got 2 rods and a bucket of chum!" said Gecker.
"Mmmoh mm..." said Brone.
"Aw man, ya let me down." said Gecker.
"M'm tired of all you." said Brone.

"Awwwww." said life and Mom and son and gun and gum and door and Gecker and chum. And the intruder who was watching TV before he planned on taking it.

"I like this show." said the intruder.
"Mot so much you, Gecker." said Brone.
"Oh. Well that's a relief." said Gecker from behind the door.

Then Brone kept doing not much and sitting around and the people and things around him made best the best they could and then some more time passed and it turned out that Brone was actually not the good guy in the story he was the bad guy the whole time.

"Mmy think mm the good guy..." he thought to himself.

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