Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mutton Chop Hoghouse Needs

Down inna da deep dirt ditch down street inns Nu Dorlines, Weesiana sats a couple fellas they has some tiny disagreement. Will is they gon' work it out? Let find out and see.

Mutton Chop Hoghouse look at Dodo and say "You gon' eat dat steamay bowl o' chili?"

Dodo sit a dere with him steamay bowl o' chili. It right fronna he. But Dodo stay up to da wee hours so Dodo tired and Dodo doze off. But den when Mutton Chop Hoghouse assa bout Dodo steamay chili you betta baleez Dodo perk up.

"Oh dat my chili, you can't has my chili." say Dodo.
"Oh mama tease so bad, I wan dat chili." say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"Dids you wans dat chili coss it steamay?" say Dodo.
"Yahhh day why ah wan as dat steamay chili!" say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"Aww... I simmer thetic to ya plight, ya got tow boleeze me. But dis my steamay chili." say Dodo.

Mutton Chop Hoghouse stand up and rub on him own big belly. Den he go on and point at it for Dodo.

"You as see dis he ah big belly?" say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"Yee ah." say Dodo.
"Caz you tay it gonna need some chili?" say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"Yee ah." say Dodo.
"But you still no don gimme dat chili?!" say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"No naw am naw am't gona giz you dap chili steamay!" say Dodo.

Mutton Chop Hoghouse gasped.

"May camp't nabaleeze you tak o'n dat tone to me." say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.
"Well desabit time tall for desabit meezah!" say Dodo.
"Led be anness wid each over. You no gon' gimma day steamay chili cos you tank I's as irrespona'sobo wit da tasks in life." say Mutton Chop Hoghouse.

Dodo gasp!

"D'admit it!" say Mutton Chophouse!
"O'gay I gonfess... You clean up ya ak, be a betta dadda, getta chuch on time, do yah laundro, don' lee no mo pappahs and receeps layin' roun' onna flaw, and feed ya pet buhd onna regalah basis and maybe I gizz ya da steamay chili!!!!!" say Dodo.

Dis gon' hit on home hahd to Mutton Chop Hoghouse. He gon' do somethin' bout it. But now it too late ya see? Cos dat chili wain't steamy no mo... Will Mutton Chop Hoghouse still gonna clean up his act? We gots ah wait ana see.

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