Thursday, August 27, 2015

Steer Clear of Exhaust Man

Exhaust man was exhausting and it was cuz he coughed and coughed in everyone's face and they got blown with gusts of cough exhaust and it made them cough and drop to the ground from chokeness.

"Cough cough cough! I need a cough drop!" said Grant Pant as he dropped to the ground.
"Now you got dirt on your pant, Grant!" said Jammy, who coughed too from Exhaust Man.

Then the cough drop bomb got dropped by a big bomber plane and it and landed in the courtyard of the hangoutty place they all hang outted in.

"Crack!" said the cough drop hitting the ground. Then all the coughers ran and sucked on it.
"Hehe you suck." said Exhaust man.
"The cough drop cured our cough!" said the coughers.

Then Exhaust man got all maudlin "Hey guys hey hey.... I hope you guys aren't like mad at me. I mean I just want friends and see my mom always tried to make me have friends but I didn't get em because I tried too hard and listened to my mom instead of my heart and now I've separated myself from that toxic mom environment, cough cough, but now that I've done all this personal work on myself I really really really would like friends, so like would you think you could like like to be my friends?" said Exhaust man then he coughed clouds of exhaust everywhere.
"Sure. We got to run now though." said Grant Pant and Jammy.

Then they walked away far.

"Man Exhaust man is exhausting." said Jammy. 
"True." said Grant Pant.

Then Jammy whapped his head on a street sign "Ow!" he said, and it split his head open and jam leaked out of it and dribbled on Grant's pant. Then Peabert walked by and hit his head too and peanut butter leaked out of Peabert's head.

Grant Pant got some peanut butter and jelly on his pant.

Then Squishy Licky walked up and wanted to come lick it off the pants but Grant Pant was like "You're a pervert!" even though he was secretly into it, but there were too many people watching for Grant Pant to enjoy it publicly. 

Then he changed his mind and told himself that he should allow himself to enjoy the things he enjoys, but then Exhaust man came up and coughed all over the peanut butter and jelly dribble, ruined the taste, scared off Squishy Licky, and was like "Sorry I hope I didn't ruin anything or everything cough cough."

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