Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pisshead's Birthday Mistake

Pisshead shit in his mouth on his birthday and his hairy mom was like "You always do that you dumb dudiot!"

But then his Alopecia mom was like "You can't call him dumb!"
"I can call him whatever I want I'm his mom!" said hairy mom.
"I chose to protect my child because I'm his mom!" said Alopecia mom.

Then Marsupial Dad walked up and was like "Hey Pisshead get in my pouch I'm your dad."
But the cops then showed up and said "Hey we think that's maybe child molestation." said the cops.
"It's my son and my body and I can do what I want!" said Marsupial Dad.

And Marsupial Dad stuck Pisshead in his weird Marsupial body pouch. Then the cops scratched their head because they thought the whole thing was kind of gross and icky but also they didn't know if it was wrong necessarily or if it was something they could or should interfere with. Ultimately they decided maybe it was best to step away.

Meanwhile Alopecia mom and hairy mom had started to escalate in their argument and it turned into a full on physical fight with lots of hair pulling, except since Alopecia mom didn't have any hair, hairy mom was getting the brunt of the hair pulling. Speaking of brunts there were lots of grunts going on when they fought.

"I'll get you!"

Then the cops who almost stoped Marsupial dad from sticking Pisshead in the pouch turned around and saw this commotion. They started throwing dollar bills on the ground, making bets and rooting for a winner.

"Get em!"
"I hope that one wins!"
"This is kind of sexy I like two women fighting!"
"That has to be painful!"

Then Sweaty Cop stopped and spoke up.
"Hey! This is wrong we should be breaking this up. These two moms shouldn't be fighting!"

Then a tractor ran over Sweaty Cop and he died.

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