Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sy Helps Joe a Little

"Yo." said Joe.
"Hi." said Sy.
"Do you have any cheese with you?" asked Joe.
"Yeah I got some in my pocket." said Sy.
"Oh." said Joe.
"Why?" said Sy.
"I was hoping you would give me some." said Joe.
"All you have to do is ask!" said Sy.

Then Sy reached into his pocket and pulled out some cheese. Sy held the cheese out in his open hand. Joe looked at the cheese.

"Looks like there's a hair in the cheese." said Joe.
Then Sy looked at the cheese. There was a hair. Sy pinched the hair out with his fingers.
"Oh you didn't have to do that." said Joe.
"I wanted to." said Sy.

Then Sy offered a piece of the cheese to Joe. Joe took the cheese and put it in his pocket.
"I'm going to save it for later." said Joe.

Then Joe went walking down the street and thought "Gee that Sy sure is nice."

Then he ran into Cathleen, whom he used to go out with, and Cathleen was like
"Oh hey Joe, my fabulous painter husband, Roland,"
whom Cathleen had mentioned multiple times in the past to Joe that Roland didn't like him,
"who as you know paints in water color,"
which was a style of painting Joe didn't care for, due to associations with bad childhood experiences,
"is looking for a subject for a big piece sponsored by Bed Sore Juice,"
which was a big corporate juice chain that Joe thought was no good,
"and I suggested you! And Roland thought it was a great idea!"
"Oh. Neat..." said Joe, with uncertain feelings.
"Yes! It could be a great opportunity to be in a fabulous watercolor painting by Roland. As well a great opportunity in general!" said Cathleen.
"Ah. Thank you." said Joe with a hard smile.
"All you have to do is call Roland. Call him. Call him he's waiting for you to call." said Cathleen.
"Okay I will call him tomorrow. I have to go pray real quick." said Joe.

Then Joe left feeling unsure of what to do. What decision to make. He wasn't going to go pray though, that was just a thing to say to get out of the situation.

Joe went home, he thought about thinking hard about what decision to make regarding the Bed Sore Juice watercolor. But then he didn't want to think too hard about it. Instead Joe sat down, reached in his pocket and pulled out the piece of Sy's squishy wadded cheese, then he ate it.

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