Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Hessy Sinkle Disdain Bond

Loogart and Junny stood with cups of liquid in their hand at the clean cut gravel yard. Many gravel yard standers stood around.

"Love your thing." said Loogart.
"Thanks. You been good?" said Junny.
"Yes yes definitely." said Loogart.

Then Loogart and Junny were out of things to say. They searched and searched their minds. Then finally.

"Oh." thought Loogart.
"Did you hear about the gum smack channel that Hessy Sinkle was putting together?" asked Loogart.
"Yeah and I just have to say I think it's stupid." said Junny.
"Thank you!" said Loogart.
"Everyone keeps slurping up to Hessy Sinkle." said Junny.
"To me everything Hessy Sinkle touches turns to carbon!" said Loogart.
"Tell that to everyone who loves Hessy Sinkle."

Then Marple appeared.
"You guys talking about gum smack channel?" said Marple.
"Yes." said them.
"I'm whatever about gum smack but what I really can't stand is how Hessy Sinkle does that tail stitching thing." said Marple.
"It's gawky."
"Snip it already!"

Then Hunchie dropped in.
"I hate Hessy Sinkle's caramel socks."
"Me too!"
"Always hated that."
"It's pretentious and makes me feel like it thinks it's better than us."

Then Orvus strode in.
"Ya'll talkin' bout Hessy Sinkle? I've had enough of those stretchy bags that we can blame Hessy Sinkle for.
"They don't even work."
"I won't go near em."
"You had to try them to find out you didn't like them?"

Then Cucker drifted on by.
"Sup?" said Cucker.
"Hey Cucker, we're talking about Hessy Sinkle."
"Oh I love Hessy." said Cucker.

There was a brief pause amongst the group. Then a throat clearing.
"Hessy's great."
"I like how Hessy does what Hessy wants."
"I respect it."
"Hessy Sinkle was super nice to me."
"I think Hessy has great taste in parrot hair."

Cucker nodded. Cucker was very weighted in the shoulders and had a lot of power so no one wanted to disagree with Cucker.

"Interesting. Gotta run." said Cucker. Then Cucker left.

Loogart, Junny, Marple, Hunchie and Orvus were then scared to badmouth Hessy Sinkle after finding Cucker was such a fan so they stood around without anything to talk about.

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