Friday, August 21, 2015

The Big Bald Bitch Gets Her Way

The Big Bald Bitch was so stressed because she liked to do what she liked to do but The Clean Little Creampuff had his way of doing it. One day their at odds methods came to a head.

The Big Bald Bitch bit into The Clean Little Creampuff's creamy white neck. The Clean Little Creampuff was the Big Bald Bitch's husband. She'd had enough of his fancy little ways. It was time to dig in. She squeezed her butt and gut, clenched her jaw, pushed out those superior fangs, and plunged them into that prissy little creampuff. The Big Bald Bitch deserved better in a man. Not some priss-a-miss.

"Ohhh! Ohh deeear." said The Clean Little Creampuff.
"Rahhhhhh!" said The Big Bald Bitch.
"No! My neck! It was so clean!" he whined, longing for his neck to be unpierced.

Blood sprayed in heavy geyser form from The Clean Little Creampuff's neck through the filter of the side of The Big Bald Bitch mouth corner.

"Pssssssssssss" and "Tsssssssssssss" it said. Squirting, speckling, spritzing and spackling the fine curtains that The Clean Little Creampuff had so painstakingly picked out from Llewellyn's Curtainry, the finest curtain store in town.

"Noo!! My curtains! The Curtaains!" squealed The Clean Little Creampuff.
"Glurrrrgh." said ravaging Big Bald Bitch.

Then with her talon-like thumbnail The Big Bald Bitch penetrated The Clean Little Creampuff's gut, and sliced it across like Harikiri, spilling the guts to their feet.

"Ohhhh! Noooo. My rug! Not my ruuugg! It was such a nice rug, the cleaning bill will be through the roof!" cried The Clean Little Creampuff.
"Mrrerrrghhh..." gurgled The Big Bald Bitch.

Then the Big Bald Bitch gripped a handful of The Clean Little Creampuff's hair and yanked, pulling out a visible patch from his scalp. Along with little pieces of scalp. Tiny ones. Then she released the handwad of hair to the opened bed.

"Owwwww! Noooo! My bedsheets! Not hair in the bedsheets! My bedsheets!!! They'll be itchy!
"Freeeeghhhhh.." said The Big Bald Bitch.

Then the Big Bald Bitch stamped on the ground with fury, squishing open one of The Clean Little Creampuff's disemboweled entrails. It was not nice smelling. He was not so clean at this point. The smell filled the room. Quite putrid. Very embarrassing for him.

"Noooo!!! My home's fine potpourri scent! It will never cover the smell!"
"Quigghghghhhllgh!" said The Big Bald Bitch.

Then The Clean Little Creampuff started to lose consciousness because of all the blood loss. Then he died.

"Noo!!" he said.
"Yuggh-yughh yughhhh yugh..." said The Big Bald Bitch.

"Thank god" she thought and then she wasn't stressed anymore.

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Big Bald Bitch!