Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Eat Place

The Eat Place was a great restaurant. Everyone's happy at The Eat Place.

Jilly and Angie and Brad went to The Eat Place, they were hung hung hung hungry! They went to The Eat Place because it was the only restaurant in the world. And it was their favorite.

"Oooh my stomach I need it to be full!" said Jilly, who had an eating disorder where she emptied her stomach out. Also Jilly bled paste when she cut herself.
"I wanna eat always and more!" said Angie who had an eat disorder where she wouldn't stop eating. Also Angie had a crayon tampon.
"I'm full." said Brad who didn't like to eat. Also Brad had a tit implant on his back, so he had two nicknames because his friends couldn't decide between Hunchback of Notre Tit and Titback of No Tit Brad.

Anyway they took their table and readied their orders, closed menus in hand.

"Gimme those orders you weirdos." said Orphus the Red Horned Waiter.
"Okay I'll have a teeth sandwich!" said Jilly.
"Okay we'll have it right out for you, how bout you?" said Orphus.
"I want someone's left overs, that sounds good." said Angie.
"Okay, help yourself." said Orphus.

Then Angie went up and started picking stuff off the tables.

"Hey that's mine!" said someone who was still eating their food.
"I ordered it." said Angie.
"Oh sorry." said the person.
"How about you, what do you want?" said Orphus to Brad.
"I want to cut myself, do you have that?" said Brad.
"Sorry only butter knives." said Waiter.

Brad chewed on his cloth napkin. After waiting for three hours the teeth sandwich came out and Jilly chomped into it. She broke her teeth biting on the teeth in the sandwich. It bleed all into the bread and she kept eating.

"I was going to complain that there weren't enough teeth, but now there's extra. This is a good teeth sandwich. Love the special sauce, wonder what it is!" said Jilly.
"It's the blood from your mouth!" said Orphus, with a wink.

They left stuffed and satisfied. Everyone leaves happy at The Eat Place.

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