Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where My Dinner

Hankie Beezo work real hard all day at work and then he even get sweat bead on his brow from doin' that hard work. Then he go home and want a steak that his wife make. The steak gonna be there because he want the steak dinner. So wife gonna make Hankie da big steak for eatin' and be readying when he come home. Capeeeesh?

Hankie walk open the door from work to home he walk it open and step in the house and what the hell?!

"What? Huh? Where my steak?!" say Hankie Beezo.
Hankie Beezo Wife sit on the couch and smack a gum and hold a cigarette.
"Hey you make my steak?!" say Hankie Beezo.
Hankie Wife sit there smackin'.
"Where my steak!?"
She sit there more.
"Why I don't got no steak!?"
She don't says nothing.
"You warmin' it up?"
She sniff the air but don't say talk.
"Hey you gonna cook my steak?"
She sit there and don't cook no steak.
"Hmm maybe my steak already on the table and I didn't see it."

Hankie Beezo walk over to the table where he thought the steak was gonna be. He looks at the table and no steak on that old woody table.

"Is you got steak?!" he says to the table.
Great. Now the table don't say nothin' neither. Wife no say nothin. Table no say nothin', what is this the silence treatment?!
"Hey!" say Hankie Beezo to table.
"Hey!!" say Hankie Beezo harder, to Wife.

Beezo wife turn her head from direction she was facing it at. She been lookin straight ahead at wall. She turn at Hankie.

"You gonna make me steak dinner?!" he say.
"No." say Hankie Beezo wife.

Hankie Beezo drop his tiny chandelier he was holding.

"Whaat!? I work all day and win da bread bring home da bread and you won't cook da bread!? I bring home da bacon you won't cook da bacon, where my steakon!?"
"Ain't makon it." said wife.

Hankie Beezo didn't know what to do. He ate a paper bag out of the garbage can and a rock.

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