Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sippos Fruit Drink Big Announcement

Sippos Fruit Drink had a big announcement to make one day. The announcement was that they were going to be making a big announcement. It was all over the news. Everyone seemed to hear about it. It was almost inescapable.

"What's this Sippos Fruit Drink thing going on?" asked Durger.
"I think I heard about it." said Mugg.
"I know. They are going to make an announcement." said Hamstress.
"I heard they are going to unveil a new flavor." said Gack.
"Ooh!" said Durger.
"Ah. Hm..." said Mugg.

Hamstress was right. Sippos Fruit Drink was in the news again the next day and their big announcement was that they were going to unveil a new flavor. They encouraged all their fruit drinky fans to start guessing what it could be. But they assured everyone that a few days from then that all would be revealed.

Piggy and Jorzolla, two siblings, got in a fight over guessing what it would be.

"Mom!! I think it's gonna be Passion Apple and Piggy says it's gonna Red Melon!!" said Jorzolla.
"Kids stop fighting. No one knows what it's gonna be yet." said Mom.

More announcements in anticipation came out from Sippos Fruit Drink.

"Our flavor technicians have been hard at work testing flavors to make sure that this new flavor is one of the newest and exciting additions to our flavor family! Stay tuned to find out what it is!" said the announcement from Sippos Fruit Drink. This only made people more interested. People at work talked about it too. The fun guessing game had really penetrated the cultural zeitgeist.

"I can't wait to try whatever the flavor they announce is going to be." said Monkeyman.
"I hear they put weird chemicals in there to get their flavor." said Dubs.
"Eh I don't know. Still tastes good." said Yiggles.
"Glug." said the water cooler they stood by.

Finally the big day had come. The president and spokesman for Sippos Fruit Drink, Jarry Honks approached the Sippose Fruit Press Headquarters podium. Photo bulbed snapped. People were eager to hear his announcement. Jerry Honks read from his prepared statement.

"Thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm in Sippos Fruit Drink. Today is finally here. The day we announce our new flavor. I am as excited to announce it as surely you all are to try it."

Jarry Honks pointed to a drape on a pedestal and he gripped the drape.
"Without further ado I gave you..."
Jarry yanked the drape off to reveal a Sippos Fruit Drink bottle of

The crowd applauded.
"Thank you. Thank you. Please enjoy." said Jarry Honks.

And people flocked out to try to new the flavor and it was pretty good.


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