Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Introspective Human Men's Club

The fellas met for a hang and a drink at the bar. They were getting loose and having some honest talk and good time carousal.

"Hey guys we're all just regular folks, huh?" said Charlie.
"You said it!" said Gus.
"You know it!" said Bart.
"No doubt!" said Asif.
"True dat!" said Horace.
"Hey baby, I'm as flawed as they come! Slip me some skin!" said Jamal.

Then Benjamin slipped Jamal some skin.

"I'm tryin' my best to be my best and sometimes my best seems not good enough!" said Benjamin, with a shrug.
"Hey I've been there and I am there!" said Avi.
"Ditt........ oh!" said Frankie-baby.
"The hard truth goes down pretty easy when you're eating it with good friends." said Lester.
"Definitely." nodded and mumbled Jay.
"I agree with you all." said the robot pretending to be a person.

Everyone took a nice long swig of their drink. Some of the drinks were non-alcoholic, for safety.

"Man, they other day I embarrassed myself in front of a woman I thought was attractive." said Abe.
"I tell ya, I thought I wouldn't mind losing my hair so I ignored Rogaine and Propecia ads, but now that it's too late, I'm regrettin' it." said Chico.
"I was talking to Lucy, whom I dislike's friend, and I said something along the lines of how can you deal with Lucy? and I realized I'd crossed the line." said Ralph.
"I worked out at the gym and when I was done and all sweaty I thought it would be safe to look at my butt and man-breasts in the mirror. I didn't notice a very fit couple was standing behind me watching me squeeze my breasts." said Otis.
"Hey I've been there, brother." said Kev.
"Sometimes it's hard to contain your urges and your social cues get crossed like tangled wires." said Jarpy.
"He's right." said Ed.
"Truth." said Pete.
"As much as I hate to admit it. I'm not always cool." said Devin.
"Times are tough." said Hal.
"Live and learn." said Zal.
"Mistakes are gifts in the form of lessons." said Val.
"Yep." said Cal.
"This is what life's about." said Wharton.
"No free thought allowed." said the robot pretending to be a person.
"Say what?" said Jerry.
"Huh? Oh nothing." said the robot pretending to be a person.

The robot pretending to be a person made a mistake. It was eerily similar to human beings in that it even made human mistakes like letting true motives, that were meant to remain concealed, slip. He was just as human as the rest of them. He even felt shame and embarrassment for his learned imperfection.

"Hey pal, you're one of us lemme get you another drink." said Keith.

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