Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Fuck You Garbage Head

Garbage Breath Asshole Eater said "Fuck you!"

He said it because the people and the bitches was trying to mess with him. He thought it was ass-ass bullshit.

Then the people were like "Hey you can't do that here and say that here! Here in our fancy ass place. It's very fancy and you don't belong here." so Garbage Breath Asshole Eater was like "Motherfuck you and motherfuck that cuz I'm the best!" then the people were like "Gasp! Stop or we'll come get you." Because they were threatened and they were tryin' to keep Garage Berth Asseater down.

"Don't keep me down!" he said at a them while sticking his pinky fingers up in a derogatory nature.

Then he thought about it more and changed his mind. And would you believe Barbage Geath Asseat Holer was like "Actually I double dick dare you fuck bitches to come get me! I'm better than all you! Come try I would love it."

The people who didn't like Barage Breath were very threatened and scared they tapped their stupid weak ass feet on the floor to try to figure out how to solve the problem. The other big problem with him was that he was stinky. "We think you are too stinky."
"I don't give a fuck!!!!" said Garbage Breath Number One Asshole Eater.

Then people went back and convened about keeping Garbage Breath down.
"It's hard to mess with him. He doesn't give a fuck." said the people.
"I know." said the peoples.
"Don't mess with me I don't give a fuck." Garbage Breath reminded them.

Then he went and took a sip in one of their cups of tea and spit in it. "Fuck this tea!" he said then he started to leave but Garbit Breast Assbowl turned around and said "Do you weak pussies need me to remind you that you can't fuck with me and I'm the best?"

Then he went to the mountain top and told everything he saw to fuck off and that it couldn't fuck with him. It was a beautiful view. Garbage Breath Asshowl Eaper then exposed himself to the great view and pulled out a clean napkin that was wadded up in his pocket but still clean. He put it in his mouth and chewed it like it was lunch because he said "He didn't give a fuck that it looked gross." Then he said "Fuck yall!" to the city once more. It was a beautiful day.

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Garbit Breast Art http://santabreath.blogspot.com/2016/03/garbitbreastassbowljpg.html