Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mintmouth Says Goodbye

Mintmouth was was like "Someone kiss me pleeeeease!!!"

And the mint fanatics came running! It was chaos. It was madness. They wanted that minty kiss.

But first let me rewind a bit. Mintmouth was a huge star with all the potential and acclaim someone could dream of. But he was shrouded by protection always. This was a new thing for him. The mint leaves grew from his gums. And his mouth was always smacking on some gum. Fresh, fresh, fresh smells. Everyone wanted a sniff and a whiff and a kiss. Boy what a talent he was!

In recent months Mintmouthmania had taken off, making it difficult for Mintmouth to function properly. He couldn't go sit on the merry-go-round and read a newspaper clipping like he used to be able to. But, with all his success he was able to buy his own merry-go-round and sit on it with his newspaper clipping all in his home. He couldn't walk around sticking his pinky deep in his ear without someone taking a picture and criticizing it. But he could do it in his big fancy home.

"It'sth noth theh sthame..." he said. Mintmouth had a speech impediment.

Things started getting dark.
"Mintmouth I wanna be you!" said fan kid.
"No you don'th thkid." said Mintmouth.

So now let's go back forward. That's why Mintmouth was like "Someone kiss me pleeeease!!!" out in public. To all his adoring wild fans. It was ploy for self destruction. Mintmouth was kissed to death and trampled by all those Mintmaniacs wanting to get a little taste. What he was really saying was "Someone KILL me pleeeeeeease."

He had purposefully thrown in the towel. He couldn't take the heat. It was too hot.

"I can'th take the heath, Jerry." he told Jerry his confidante, shortly before he took his final plunge to trambledom. Jerry was a snake who wouldn't listen. Jerry just wanted the money!

"Minty, baby, you got the smooches, you got the kisses, you got the goods. Everyone wanna piece and you're gonna be legendary, ain't it worth bein' legendary. Hey you like dairy? How abouts I got gets us some cheese crunchers them's a good snacky and we'll chomp em up but it won't affect you cuz you got that golden minty mouth. I miss my mom." said Jerry.

Jerry mentioned missing his mom cuz he knew this would tug at Mintmouth's heartstrings and Mintmouth would keep Jerry around because of sentimental stuff. Mintmouth also killed himself because a more dirty image guy, Cheesenose, was starting to come up and be big time.

The boulevard that Mintmouth died was named after him. But then Cheesenose also took a nosedive from grace and the whole distract was named after Cheesenose.

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