Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Gang Gets Back Together

The gang was all back together. They always said they were gonna meet at this place at this time at this year. It was the big thing they said they were gonna do as kids and then adulthood came, they got a little older and wiser and now the time has come...

There was Rascal, he was the troublemaker of the bunch. He liked lightin' firecrackers and putting em in soda cans, hehe. Now he was all grown up and he got fat.

There was Ralphie, he wore his hat sideways and always chuckled when couldn't hit a baseball pitch, but he'd still always say things like "Aw man bad pitch!" He got fat.

There was Little Marty, he was the brains of the operation always making a plan. "Okay first we're gonna meet in my backyard then we're gonna split up and surround the parameter!" he's say about a plan. He even wanted to devise a heist so that all the fellas could get a look at Sally Bakerman's underwear! Little Marty got fat and bald. So did Sally Bakerman, who was not there, but she did get fat, just sayin'.

There was Eddie, we all knew Eddie as Mr. Cool. Now Mr. Cool was the bad boy of the bunch, he put baseball stickers on his bicycle and banana peels in his spokes. His pa wasn't around so he put hair grease in his hair and even smoke grapevines. "Relax I got this under control!" he'd say when anyone got stressed about a big kid adventure they'd be going on. He got real fat.

There was Sammy the Hammy, he was the fat kid of the bunch who could never keep up because the fast pace of everyone. "Aw cmon guys slow down can't we get a popsicle?" He stayed real fat and he had a fat son.

There was Herman, he was part of the group, but he had big glasses and was kind of a nerd who liked doing math! "Aw so what if I like fractions!" he'd say. Grew up to be fat.

Then there was Danny. Danny couldn't make it. They all loved Danny. Danny was the sensitive heart of the group. The voice of reason. "Hey guys think about what you're doin'..." he'd say if stuff was getting outta control.

"Geez, you're right Danny." they'd say.

Danny couldn't make it to the big reunion because he died from a coronary. He was extremely fat, unhealthy and had high cholesterol.

"Sure is sad that Danny died." said Eddie.
"I was looking forward to seeing you all." said Ralphie.
"Yeah." said Herman.
"I work for an investment firm." said Rascal.
"I'm in real estate." said Ralphie.
"I've been helping my parents out." said Marty.
"How's your son, Sammy?" asked Eddie.
"Oh he's doing good, he's in the 3rd grade. Want to see a picture?" said Sammy.
"Yes." said Eddie.

And that is pretty much what the big reunion was like.

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