Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shockingly Sexy Sherry

Shockingly Sexy Sherry had a big fat jiggy glob of goop in her eye. It was eye goop. You know? That stuff that gets in your eye and where does it come from?

"Ew!! Eye goops!" said Shockingly Sexy Sherry, as she scraped out the handfuls of goop coming from her eye.
"Splat!" said the goop as it hit the concrete.
"Hey!" thought the concrete, "Now I'm conflicted. I was so into how shockingly sexy Shockingly Sexy Sherry was that I thought nothin' could make me think she wasn't a real shocker."
"Uh huh?" said the goop on the concrete.
"Ew you just responded!" said the concrete.
"Yeah I'm the only one listening!" said the goop.
"Oh. I guess that's true. Sure is lonely here." said the concrete.
"You were saying?" said the goop.
"Oh yeah. I was saying I thought she was a real sexy shocker but now that she flung you onto me I am not so sure. I was pretty into staring up her skirt." said the concrete.
"Ew you're a sick pervert!" said the globby glob of eye goop.
"Who me? Hey cut me some slack, I'm only human." said the concrete.
"No you're straight up hard sidewalk sicky stuff."
"Hey don't you have some hair to go style and hold?" said the concrete.
"Hey how dare you call me hair gel!" said the eye goop.

Meanwhile, Shockingly Sexy Sherry still had goop globs in her eyeball.

"Help! No one look at me! Help! What's wrong with my eyeball?!" said Shockingly Sexy Sherry.
"Well, what's it you want us to do?" said bystander who heard her, "sounds like you have conflicting cries."
"Why do I have this stuff in my eye?" said Sherry.
"Maybe you slept on it funny or have allergies." said bystander.
"That's it?"
"Could also be some sort of bacteria causing it. You been looking at some gross stuff?" asked bystander.
"Yeah I guess so."
"Like what? Be honest." said bystander.
"Well there was this rich guy who wanted me to do this one thing that I wasn't so sure about."
"Uh huh, keep goin'..." said bystander.

Shockingly Sexy Sherry kept talking and bystander started panting and stuff he came off like a real creep.

"Hey are you gettin' off on this information?!" asked Shockingly Sexy Sherry.
"You bet I am babe! Keep goin!" said bystander.
"I thought you were a doc or an expert or something."
"Nope I'm just a bystander!"
"You pervert!" said Sherry, then she threw a glob of eye goop at the bystander.
"What a pervert!" said the glob of eye goop that was on the concrete from before.

Then the bystander giggled because that really made his day. He was a real pervert.

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