Monday, August 24, 2015

Willy the Worm

Willy the worm wiggled through the dirt and the moisture. He wasn't a he because worms don't be hes or shes, but he wiggled all around and just seemed to go where the vibrations and temperatures sent him.

Willy passed by some dirt, then he passed by some more dirt, then he wiggled through some other dirt. It was all pretty moist. Willy couldn't see what was in front of him but he knew it was it was dark or light because he just was able to tell.

It didn't bother him that he couldn't see but because he couldn't he bumped past a pebble in the dirt and said " ". Which is nothing, because he couldn't say anything, because he didn't and couldn't talk, but even if he did, he didn't have much of an opinion about it, because he couldn't think either.

Willy also knew a couple of guys like Sally and Herman the worms who were used as bait for fishing and hooks pierced through them and they didn't mind because they couldn't feel pain and also Willy didn't mind because he had no connection or relationship to Sally nor Herman. Willy also didn't know his name was Willy. Willy was definitely alive though.

One day Jerry the guy at work started thinking about Willy, or some worm like Willy, and Jerry started to have an existential crisis.

"What if I'm the same as Willy!?!" said Jerry.
"Huh?" said Sheri the coworker.

Jerry looked to the ground shifting his eyes from spot to spot in rapid thought.

"Why is Willy here if he can't feel anything?! What's the point of Willy?!" said Jerry.
"Who is Willy, what?" said Sheri.
"I mean he can't see, he can't think! What the hell can he do and what the hell is he for?!"
"You're gonna have to calm down a little." said Sheri.
"And what if I'm just as useless!?" said Jerry as he started shaking.
"Should I call someone for help, you seem panicked."
 "And what if there's some sense or something that some other thing on a whole other plain has that I don't have, and that guy just thinks I'm like Willy!?"
"Who is Willy?! What wrong with Willy?"
"Willy doesn't feel pain or think about anything but he's still just there!!"
"Where!?" asked Sheri.
"I feel and see and think, and he doesn't but what if I'm no better?! And what a giant hooked pierced through my chest and I didn't feel it and it didn't matter!?"
"Are you having indigestion?" asked Sheri.
"Oh god! A worm! A worm! What if I'm a worm!"

Then Brad came in and asked what everyone wanted to order for lunch.

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