Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jim Trainer Blows It

Computer Wimpo lifted the weights and his muscles got big. He walked into the cool gym and Jim Trainer said "Hey what happened, did you drink milk?"
"No dummy I pumped iron, you of all people should know that." said Computer Wimpo.
"I knew it I knew it." said Jim Trainer.

Then word got out that Jim Trainer didn't know it and everyone said "Don't train with Jim Trainer, train with Wimpo!" 

And Jim Trainer was mad and sad and bad about it. But look, here's the deal, all the loser follower people went and followed Wimpo to having him be their trainer and guess what already! They didn't get very well trainered and wound up being a bunch of putzes. And the whole place was crawling with wimpy weaklings.

Jim Trainer was sad still but didn't realize that he coulda kept up and started like a new trainer biz or job or help assistance thing. 

"Jim you been training everyone lately?" said Horpus.
"No." said Jim Trainer, moping.
"Why not?"
"Cuz I'm not a wimp."

Then Jim Trainer went and ate a bowl of ice cream and got fat and depressed and didn't train anyone except for people who needed help eating ice cream.

"Like that. Like that. Like that. There. That's good. Lick the ice cream." said Jim Trainer as he trained and demonstrated how to eat ice cream better and more often, to other lazy depressies who didn't train.

Now Jim Trainer just eats ice cream and he's fat all the time and everyone in the world is a wimp. And it's all because Computer Wimpo made him be embarrassed.

Jim Trainer planned to make a big comeback and get some revenge but then instead he just ate a bowl of ice cream. Then he finished the bowl but decided it wasn't enough so he went back to the fridge and scooped some more of the ice cream into the bowl he had. He felt like it was a good idea. 

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