Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dumb Chicken Humor

The dumb chicken was like "I'm fuckin' stupid."

Then it walked around some and laid like 30 eggs and was like "I don't give a fuck about these eggs. Guess I'll just sit on 'em for a while though." Then a second chicken clucked up and was like "Hey I'm fuckin' dumb."

"I'm fuckin' dumb too." said the first chicken.
"I'm fuckin' stupid." said the second chicken.
"Me too too." said the first chicken.
"Me too too too." said the second chicken.
"I don't know shit." said the first chicken.
"I eat sometimes." said the second chicken.
"Sometimes I sit on these fuckin' eggs." said the first chicken.
"What if you lose them or someone takes them?" asked the second chicken.
"I don't give a shit." said the first chicken.
"Me neither." said the second.
"I guess more will come out my chicken hole." said the first chicken.

Then the chickens did some stuff like eat some seeds and pecked at stuff. The third chicken walked up, he was real dumb and cross-eyed too.

"Hi I'm dumb as shit." said cross-eyed chicken.
"Do you know what 1 + 1 is?" asked first chicken.
"No." said cross-eyed chicken.
"Me neither." said first chicken.
"I don't even know what 1 + 1 means." asked the cross-eyed chicken.
"I've never even heard of it." said the first chicken.
"Do you know how to cluck?" asked second chicken.
"No." clucked cross-eyed chicken.
"Me neither." clucked the first chicken.

Then the scared chicken walked up but kept a safe distance.

"Hey I'm dumb." said first chicken.
"Hi I'm stupid." said second chicken.
"Hey I'm stupid, why don't you come over here?" asked cross-eyed chicken.
"I'm chicken." said scared chicken.

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