Monday, August 17, 2015

The Story of Puncher and Knifer

Puncher and Knifer were friends and lovers but they didn't get along at home sometimes and had domestic issues but their flame for each other burned so hard they could not resist continuing the love machine. One day they unplugged the love machine because it was vibrating and getting too rickety.

"I've had a bit of enough!" said Puncher.
This hit Knifer right in the gut. "Ooh. You can't mean it."
"I do!" said Puncher and Puncher started to walk away.
"Okay then. You're a bad cook." said Knifer.

This dug right into Puncher's back. Puncher loved to cook and Knifer was always polite about Puncher's cooking.

"You've been lying and faking all this time." said Puncher.
"I know!" said Knifer.

Then Knifer punched Puncher right in the nose real hard and Puncher pulled out a knife and knifed Knifer. Then it was a whole thing with the cops and the doctors and the police and the news and it got all this news attention even though it was kind of a stupid insignificant thing, but they got real rich off the rights to their big story and it was sold to be made as a movie of the week with a very low budget on a television program for a very cheap cable company.

It was a real crap production for and they hired a young director who wore a ball cap and was a film school grad. He wore glasses, had fuzz for facial hair, and loved shouting "ACTION!" and "CUT!"

One day the actor playing Puncher wasn't giving the perfect performance and the film school grad director walked up to the actor, bent down and whispered that for this next take he needed the actor to take a pause breathe then look up and "shake his head, as if cursing the gods." This was a great note the producer told the director "good job". To which the director replied "Hey to me, and the way that I work, story is king!"
"So true." said the producer.

The film school grad made a lot of money and bought a house and a convertible and an SUV, which he named Puncher and Knifer because "those are the babies that started it all for me!"

Years later an eager fan walked up to him on the street and said "That scene where Puncher is cursing the gods, how did you do it?" to which he replied "Kid, the way I work, story is king!"
"Wowww!" said the kid and the kid wound up being big famous director name Devin Spiegelbaum.

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