Monday, August 3, 2015

Crummy's Spit Bucket

Crummy had a bucket of spit. He wanted someone to sip it.

"Hey wanna sip on this bucket of spit, hehe?" said Crummy.
"No ewww you gross grub toucher!" said Motano.
"Darn." said Crummy.

Crummy walked with his bucket of spin all over town. Up the hills and around the mountains and through the gates and past the true believers and onto the promised land and back to the trenches and behind the walls of glory and into the womb of humanity.

Nowhere could he find a person who would sip a bucket of spit. He tried reasoning with people.

"If you do it it would be neat, hehe!" said Crummy.
"No I think you're a scuzzy needlehead!" said Horace.
"Shoot." said Crummy.

Crummy splattered a little bit of the spit on the sidewalk by accident.

"Oh no, not that spit! I wanted it in my bucket." said Crummy. Then Crummy cried.
"Oh no, booo hooo. I lost some spit and I wanted the bucket to be full and also have someone take a sip of it."

Then the Fairy showed up.

"Why what's wrong Crummy?" said the Fairy.
"Boo hoo hiss piss I wanted someone to sip this bucket of spit and I lost some spit and it hurts my heart." said Crummy.
"Why don't you spit in it to add more spit?" said the Fairy.
"Hey you're a genius I never thought of that." said Crummy.

Then Crummy spent hours spitting in the bucket of spit to get more spit in it.

"Boo hoo I'm sad again because still no one will sip it." said Crummy. Then the Fairy came back.
"Why don't you sip it?" said the Fairy.
"Hey good idea... I never thought of doing that." said Crummy.

Then he took a sip of the spit. "Ew it tastes wet. And it's gross." said Crummy.
"That was gross." he said again. Then he pointed his mouth to the side of his face and thought.
"Well I guess it's on to the next thing." said Crummy.

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