Friday, August 21, 2015

Lindy the Witch

Lindy the Witch was gonna go fly to do some spells on some people and she jumped on her broom but the broom accidentally went up into her pussy!

"Ooh! Rats!" she said. And pulled it out but also accidentally gave birth to ten rats because that was a rat spell.
"Great! Now I have rats in my lab." she said.

Then she went to try again and jumped up on her floating broom but the broom accidentally went up her ass. She was clumsy. "Dammit!" she said. Then water flooded her layer, because that was another witch spell, to put a broom in your ass and say "Dammit!" and the rats floated around.

So she pulled the broom out her butt and properly sat on it then proceeded with her plan to cause spells on some enemies of hers, like Hoagie and Jerushaliam, some male heroes of the village. They were a witch hunting team, but currently on a different journey to fetch a missing horse for the King. Booring. Suddenly, Jerushaliam felt an itch on his face.

"Do I have something on my nose?" asked Jerushaliam to Hoagie.
"Flesh and pores and hairs and oh goodness, worms! Parasites!" screamed Hoagie.

Then the worm parasites fused together and grew into Lindy and Lindy wanted to make these guys feel spooked and spelled but she had a spell in mind where their sweethearts turned to mush when they tried to make love to them. But instead she made one where she came out of Jerushaliam's nose pores as multiple parasites.

"Ew Lindy you're gross." They said.

Lindy tried to save face.

"I'm trying to be gross! I'm a witch! It's what witches do." said Lindy.
"Yeah but you're a different type of gross." said Hoagie.

Jerushaliam's nose was fine too, by the way.

"Well I bet I really creeped you out though." said Lindy.
"We are over it pretty quickly." said Jerushaliam.
"Fine. I'm off to the swamp to cook up some more spells to creep you out more! Hehehe." shouted Lindy.

She meant to cackle but it came out more like a giggle. Then her broom appeared and she leapt to hop on it but it pointed up in the wrong direction and went up her butt again. It was real embarrassing. Then she looked away and didn't make eye contact with Hoagie or Jerushaliam, hoping they didn't see it. But they probably did. She flew off cursing herself saying "Idiot, idiot, idiot." but she cursed herself so hard that her hair turned into tadpoles.

"She's annoying." said Jerushaliam.
"I know." said Hoagie.

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