Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Balloon Head

Balloon Head ran into Needle Face and Balloon Head popped his dumb fuckin' head.

"Aw krap." said Balloon Head, through his krappy deflated Balloony lips.
"Oops sorry." said that fucker Needle Face, who did shit like that all the time, and didn't watch where he was going, particularly for people who were Balloon Head persuasion.

Then Balloon Head had to lug his rubber ass to the Balloon Head Doctor, and his Balloon insurance wasn't great so he wasn't able to find a sympathetic doctor, he had to get one of those impatient doctors.

"So what's goin' on, Mr. Head?" said Balloony Doctor.
"I popped my head."
"Mhmm, we can get you a new one." said Balloony Doctor as he stood up to walk out the door.
"Yeah. Okay." said Balloon head "I'm just a little concerned that-"
"Mhmm." said the Doctor.
"-that if I don't get the right-"
"-type of Balloon for my-"
"-head that it might happ-"
"-en again and-"
"We'll make sure we get you the right one or one that works, sound good?" said Balloony Doctor.
"Ok." said Balloon Head.

The Balloony Doctor's Mhmms made Balloon Head nervous. Fuck that Doctor. The Balloony Doctor gave Balloon Head a new balloon head but this one was filled with water and some fuck popped it again and the water splattered everywhere. Then Balloony Doctor gave Balloon Head another head and it was filled with helium and it floated away and he went to the doctor and couldn't say anything because he had no head and the asshole doctor was like.

"Oh great looks like you lost your head." as if it was Balloon Head's fault. Then the Balloony Doctor gave him a new one and it was full of brains which, guess what, splattered all over this old lady's fat tits. The End.

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chris said...

fadem fanart http://santabreath.blogspot.com/2016/03/balloonheadjpg.html