Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Emotional Event Gathering

There was a real drama going on with all the folks and their disagreements before the big show.

Michael the Jerk said "Hey you are a cry baby and an idiot," to Lenny.
"Hey you got a real chip on your shoulder, hehe I'm laughing. Oh no now I'm sad though." said Lenny and then Lenny started crying.

Barry started talking to Karen about how Lenny is so emotional.

"It's just too much emotion for anyone to deal with!" said Karen the Crank.
"But Michael is being a big Jerk though." said Barry.
Then Karen responded with "But I can't stand what a j--"

Then Karen got hit by a boat. Everyone was shocked and turned and looked and stopped and said "Whoa this is new nutty business." And then their mouths hung open.

Then the boat captain jumped out and said "Hey can you believe this boat runs on the street?!"
"That lady got hit by your boat." said Michael the Jerk.
"Hey I'm an arrester." said a copper.
"Get that captain!" said Barry.
"I got nothing to say." said Jim, who had been quiet the whole time.
"I'm okay don't arrest him." said Karen, got hit by a boat.
"Darn I was hoping to arrest someone." said the copper.
"Arrest that guy he's a rapper!" said Michael the Jerk.

"Yo yo yo I'm a white rapper!" said the white rapper from the stage.
"Woooo!" said the crowd.
"Do a rap!" said crowd #2.

All the people who had different emotions going on turned their attention toward the stage for the big show.

"Yo! Are yall ready for my big rap!" asked the white rapper.
"Yes." said the whole crowd.
"Good! Here goes."

Then the white rapper cleared his throat.

"Hey I got braces to fix my crooked teeth. 
When it comes Christmas time my door will have a wreath. 
I'm a wear a comfy diaper and I shoot you like a sniper. 
I smoke drugs with pipe and then complain and gripe!"

"This is a good rap." said a crowd part.
"I like it too." said Lenny who was crying.

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