Friday, August 14, 2015

Balance in the Universe at a Pizza Place

Pip and Jeremiah were both standing in front of the same pizza joint. Pip walked up to Jeremiah. Jeremiah was the coolest dumb guy ever. Maybe he was even smart. He didn't say and he wouldn't tell you if he asked. He seemed like he had the answers. But maybe he didn't hear the questions. Pip spoke.

"Hey hey I'm wacky guy and I'm all high strung but I'm relaxed I'm an enigma I'm complicated everyone should hear about it do you wanna hear about it? I'll tell you and I mess around a bunch and I eat too much,"

Pip started jumpin' up and down.

"Ooh look at me I'm jumpin' up and down and stuff ain't I neat? I'm smart too I got a lotta to say you read that one book about the Roman Empire? You read that other book about a German philosopher by an English professor who someone smart wrote an article about in a rare magazine zine?!? I'm cool I'm hip I know about it all!" said Pip.

"Nah I'm simple." said Jeremiah.

"Oh. Well did you see this one movie where the camera moves real slow and the protagonist turns out to be the antagonist and it's also a Dutch film by a Japanese filmmaker who I read was great in this Hungarian journal that was published ten years ago but sat unpublished for twelve! I know it I read it I heard all about it and I'm the one telling you about it, what do you know?!"

"Didn't see it." said Jeremiah.
Pip took a big bite of pizza and talked with his mouth full.

"Oh. Well I'm smart and cool and I do a little dance do you like a dance? I love dance I trained in dance I read about training in dance I love trains oh I spilled my milkshake just now it's a gourmet milkshake. Do you like a food? Do you like spices? Cumin? Human desire I read the Karma Sutra I'm a giver hey can I borrow a dollar so I can tip the valet at the place I bought this milkshake it's a fancy milkshake I like the finer things. Do you like an interior design? Interactive design its the way the future's going my dad's a dentist."

"Ain't listenin'." said Jeremiah.

Pip polished off his crust. Then a spaceship came down from the sky and a little spaceman got out in front of Jeremiah and Pip and pointed to Jeremiah and said "You." Then he pointed to Pip and said "Not you." Jeremiah went with the spaceman and the spaceship flew off away and Pip kept talking about it forever and even though people thought Pip was a smart kind of guy they just thought he was crazy for the rest of his days but as Pip told them "Its aaaalll true!"

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