Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Candy Wanter

Gurk wanted a candy.
"Gimme the good candy please." said Gurk.
"No can't have candy." said Mutt.
"I want it." said Gurk.
"Too bad." said Mutt.
"Damnit!" said Gurk.
"Yep." said Mutt real smug.
"Grrrrr." said Gurk.
"Better just go away." said Mutt.

Then Old Man showed up.
"I got candy for you." said Old Man.
"Huh?!" said Gurk.
"What didn't you hear me? I'm supposed to be the one who can't hear that well cuz I'm old." said Old Man.
"No I heard you, I just couldn't believe it!" said Gurk.
"Don't give him candy!" said Mutt.
"I'll do what I damn well please I'm 74 years old." said Old Man.
"Damnit!" said Mutt.
"So you want the candy?" said Old Man.
"Do I ever." said Gurk.
"Okay here comes the candy." said Old Man reaching in his candy satchel.
"Damnit." said Mutt. Mutt didn't want Gurk to have candy.
"Yesss." said Gurk with anticipation.

Then Old Man pulled out a handful of candy and it was Old Man candy.
"Here!" said Old Man, holding stuff like peppermints, hard candy and salt water taffy.
"Uhhhh..." said Gurk.
"It's all yours." said Old Man.
"Ha ha ha!!" said Mutt.
"Thank you." said Gurk, politely but insincerely.
"You wanted it now you got it!" said Mutt.
"Shut up." said Gurk.

Then Gurk ate it and got sick, but not because hated the bad Old Man candy, but because he had a sensitivity to candy that Mutt was trying to keep Gurk conscious of because Mutt cared a lot about Gurk but Gurk didn't care about himself. See? You didn't know the whole story and now that you do it has a different meaning, doesn't it? The End.

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