Thursday, June 4, 2015

Scary Beach

Lily and Pili were at the beach.

"Isn't it so lovely here?" said Lily.
"I'm scared we should go." said Pili
"What are you scared of?" asked Lily.
"Sharks!" said Pili.
"Sharks don't come get us here!" said Lily.

Then a shark ran out of the water on two of it's four legs that sharks have. The shark stuck out it's two front arms in a grabbing motion.

"I'm gonna get you and eat you!" said the shark.
"Oh god look out Pili!" said Lily.

Lily shoved Pili out of the way and the shark went for Lily. Lily laid on the ground in the sand and started kicking her legs up like she used to do as a kid when her big brother would chase her. It worked and the shark ran away. But he spotted Hans the Belgian Surfer Dude. Hans was hangin' in the sun catching rays.

"Hans run!" said Lily.
"What you are-is to-saying to me? Why as I should run? Am is just hang-outing in der sand catching ray for my great-bod. Chick are love it!" said Hans the Belgian Surfer Dude.

The shark ran up to Hans, who was lying on the sand ground.

"I'm gonna get you instead!" said the shark.

Hans started kicking defensively like Lily did but his legs were thicker and heavier and couldn't move as fast as Lily's. The shark ate off one of Hans' legs.

"Ouch-to-me!!" screamed Hans.

The shark got Hans' big leg lodged in his throat, he yanked it out and charged the beach boardwalk hot dog stand and raided the buns to put the leg in the bun like a big leg hot dog. Then he took a bite out of a car and ate a bunch of plastic from the trashcan and died on the beach in the sand like his dad.

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