Thursday, June 25, 2015

Foopy the Dumbling Gozo

Foopy the Dumbling Gozo was smupping over in the crabhouse. Gobbler asked Foopy to sweep up the juckles.

"Aw darn, shoot! I'm not good at sweeping up the juckles, but I'll do it for you Gobbler!" said Foopy.
"If you didn't do it then it would just do itself. And no one does a worser job at it than it doing itself." said Gobbler.
"You have a ploint!" said Foopy.

Foopy got his bloom sweeper out of his big big pocket.

"I don't think I'm going to do a gribby job at this. I think I'm going to do a smummy job. Oh gubs, am I nervous!" said Foopy.

Then Foopy filled his plocket with thickel so he could slurp it all over the floor with his bloom sweeper. But the problem was the thickel started get sucked up by the gusters rather than sucking up the gusters.

"Thickel is supposed to absorb gusters! What's going on here?" said Foopy.
Then a crab walked up.

"Hey this is my house!" said the crab.
"I'm supposed to sweep up the juckles here, but the gusters are sucking up my thickel!"
"Oh. Well I can't help you. I'm just a crab I'm not arposed to sweep up juckles or gusters. I should leave you alone." said the crab.
"No no wait I'm lonely!"

But the crab scabbered off.

Then Foopy stepped in the plocket and it clanked on the zambingle, which kumbled down the yesso jamblers, which landed on Foopy's bald head and spappered into his guggles.

"Ooh that tuckles!" said Foopy kind of grinning. Then Foopy looked at the mess that had been created.
"Oh no. I did this." said Foopy.
"Maybe we should go back to doing it ourself!" said the juckles. Then the juckles kiggled everywhere.

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