Sunday, May 31, 2015


"Hi I'm Dogman. I'm like a dog but also a man, hehe." said Dogman.
"That's neat do you want to go grab something to eat?" said Jerry.
"Sure first let me shake out my body." said Dogman.

Dogman lifted his fists to his sides and rattled his body, making his doggie hair shake. All the dust he had accumulated fluttered off of him. Some cruddy dust too.

"Oh no, Dogman, not on the rug!" said Jerry.
"Oops, sorry. Let's go get that food." said Dogman.
"Okay I'm putting on my coat now." said Jerry.

Dogman pulled a toy out of his pocket and handed it to Jerry.

"Here." said Dogman.
"Oh thank you." said Jerry.

Jerry looked at the toy and then handed it back to Dogman. Dogman handed it back to Jerry.

"Here." said Dogman again, and he stared at Jerry. Jerry wasn't sure what to do. He handed it back to Dogman. Dogman handed Jerry the toy again. "Thanks," he said, and tossed the toy on the couch. "Cmon, let's go." Jerry continued.

Dogman walked over to the couch and picked up the toy and handed it to Jerry.

"Here." said Dogman.
"We have to go." said Jerry.

Jerry and Dogman went to the diner and ordered food.

"Hey I'd like a tuna melt with fries." said Jerry.
"Hi I'm Dogman, I'd like a bowl of wet dog food sandwich please." said Dogman.
"Hey are you a service Dogman?" asked the waitress.
"I'm a man as well as a dog so I don't have to be." said Dogman.

Then Dogwoman walked in and Dogman got up and started trying to smell and have sex with her.

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