Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Yum Fun Cafeteria

The Yum Fun Cafeteria food joint with trays and old people was having an all you can eat day!

Blargo was taking advantage. He went too far.

Blargo was about to blow. His mouth was full of mashed potatoes and his stomach was full of apple sauce. Like a lot of apple sauce. And his pants were too tight, the button threads were being tugged by his waist expanding.

"Oh god oh god oh god help me." said Blargo.

Then came Sipher. He had a needle.

"I'm here to save you!" said Sipher.
"No don't do it!" said Blargo.
"It's the only way!" said Sipher.
"It'll hurt!"
"But you're gonna blow!"
"I'm gonna do it anyway!" said Sipher

Then he lifted the needle to the sky. The light from the moon glistened off the needle. It was nighttime. He pulled his arm back far and windmilled it down into the side of Blargo's gut.

"Oooh!" said Blargo.
"Eeeeee!" said the crowd of people watching. The crowd of people watching continued to eat their red flavored Jello though.

Then a tiny peep whistled out of Blargo's hole. Like a balloon letting out air. Or a tea kettle steaming.
"I feel much better I'll be honest." said Blargo.

Then he ate some more brisket.
"I like how juicy it is." said Blargo.
"If you dribbled juice out your hole, poke a new one." said Sipher.
"Okay I trust you, thanks." said Blargo.

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