Friday, May 29, 2015

Truck Talk

"Hey I drive a big truck!" said Bub.
"My truck is smaller!" said Harvey.
"Hehe I'm cool cuz mine's bigger." said Bub.
"I don't mind my size of truck." said Harvey.
"I love my big truck." said Bub.

Sandy and Nancy walked up.

"I like a cozy little truck." said Sandy.
"I like a big truck because it's neat when a guy has a big truck." said Nancy.

Bub liked Sandy and Harvey liked Nancy though.
"Even though I got a smaller truck, maybe you'd like me." said Harvey to Nancy.

Bub had his eye on Sandy.
"Come check out my big big truck it takes up the whole road." said Bub to Sandy.
"But it just doesn't seem that cozy." said Sandy to Bub, while she was eyeing Harvey who was eyeing Nancy.
"I could put some pillows in it!" said Bub.
"Hmmm still would be a big truck though." said Sandy.

By this point Bub was really falling for Sandy.

"Well, uh, well what, uh, what if my truck was smaller!?" said Bub.
"I might like to ride in it." said Sandy.

Meanwhile over by Harvey and Nancy, Harvey was telling Nancy about how it he liked this weird food called "sushi". He completely changed the subject from trucks to food.

"It sounds weird. This stuff, sushi." said Nancy.
"That's what I thought, but then I liked it!" said Harvey.
"Maybe you should come with me to eat the sushi stuff, you'll like it or it will at least taste weird and that can be kind of fun!" said Harvey.
"Okay I will." said Nancy.

Harvey took Nancy to sushi.

Bub just kept talking about trucks and he didn't change the subject.
"Sorry I just like a cozier truck." said Sandy.

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