Saturday, May 23, 2015

Laser Losers

Barry Vision shot lasers out his fingers and had red eyes and silver teeth. He was pretty cool and tough. His voice also reverberated when he spoke.

"I know I'm cool, but I'll be honest I think I'm the underdog." Barry said to his friend Blaze Sharp. Blaze had silver hair black eyes, she was also pretty cool looking.

"Barry you just have to continue to believe in yourself." said Blaze.

Then Lance Grazer came in. Lance Grazer was Barry Visions's rival. Lance was able to shoot lasers out of his shoulders and elbows. He wore thick hard boots and walked in stilted clomps

"That Lance thinks he's so great. Why does he get everything? Doesn't he know that I'm the underdog?" said Barry Vision.

Lance was quiet and kept to himself. He was eating a hot dog. He pulled a bottle of mustard out of his cargo pocket and put it on the hot dog. He didn't look up from the hot dog. He just kept eating it. It was like he was in his own world. Or maybe he was just shy.

"Look at him there, thinkin' he's so great." said Barry Vision.

Another thing about Lance Grazer was that he didn't actually have it that easy. He shot lasers out of his shoulders which is not as convenient as shooting them from your fingers, like Barry Vision. The sides of Lance's scalp were badly burned from lasers hitting the corners of his head. He couldn't grow hair in certain spots any more so he had kind of an accidental burn victim mohawk. It made him look intimidating and tough. But that he was bashful and shy and kept to himself was another way of interpreting it. He also actually wore thick hard boots because his elbow lasers had burns his feet badly and he need to protect them.

One day all the people were stuck in the vault and needed help. They radioed for laser folks to help. Barry Vision got the call at the same time Lance Grazer did. Lance got to the scene quicker than Barry and got to work lasering the vault open to save the people. Lance put himself in push-ups position and let the lasers shot from his shoulders. It was stressful. he wore a welding helmet to protect his head. The lasers coming from his elbows lasered the ceiling. Luckily there was no second floor.

Then Barry showed up and started lasering with his fingers to help. He had more control because he could stand there. They got the vault open together.

"You guys are lucky!" said Barry.
"Wow you saved us." said the vault victims.
"Well I'm just an underdog trying to help!" said Barry.
Lance Grazer didn't say anything.

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