Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Heights

Bubby climbed up a ladder real high.

"Uh oh this is scary." he said.
"I'm scared of heights!" shouted his wife Dooby, from down on the ground.
"Me too!" shouted back Bubby.
"But you acted so confident before you went up it."
"I must confess I didn't know I was going to be scared."
"Well can you put that antenna satellite thing on the roof so we can watch the wrestling match already?" shouted Dooby.
"Ye-ye-yes." said Bubby, scared.

Then Bubby just stood there on the ladder. He stayed up there for about an hour trying to get over his fear of heights. They missed the wrestling match they were hoping to see. The sun went down. Finally Bubby took a deep breath and attached the antenna satellite dish. Dooby was bummed. She wanted to see the wrestling match.

They sat there on their recliner couch watching the television. Trying to find something as good as the wrestling match was going to be. They happened upon a staticky channel of something that definitely looked like people having sex. But the signal was scrambled. They didn't get that station.

Bubby started to get excited about the staticky boobs he might have seen. Dooby got excited too. They couldn't really make out what was going on behind that static, but they could only imagine. And man did it seem steamy.

"Sheesh. That's some hot sexy stuff on there." said Bubby.
"You said a mouth full." said Dooby.

They got so worked up they went to the bedroom and had scrambled signal looking intercourse themselves and conceived a child. The child was born and they named him Wubbles.

"You're just like your mom and dad, Wubbles." said Dooby and Bubby.

Then Wubbles grew up to be real tall. So tall that he was always scared because he was scared of heights just like his parents.

"Life is hard because I'm always scared." said Wubbles.
Then he was rejected from the basketball team.

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