Friday, May 15, 2015

Floppity Bruce, Man with Purpose

Floppity Bruce slapped his feet onto a premises. He moved with purpose and ease. A real relaxed fellow, that Floppity Bruce. He stepped into Gaston Buttrese's manor. Gaston didn't like that.

"Release the hounds!" Gaston ordered. The hounds were released.

"Hoh! Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!" said the hounds. But they were funny, goofy, doofy, cuddly hounds, and certainly no threat to happy-good-time Floppity Bruce. They just ran right up to him and jumped up and wanted to be petted.
"Well hey there little cuties!" said Floppity Bruce.
"Drats!" said Gaston.

Gaston devised his next plan.

"Release the bats!" said Gaston. The bats were released.
"Squeak, squeak, squeak, eek." said the bats.
"Ew bats." said Bruce, "them things is yuck!"

Then fortunately for Bruce, the bats just flew away, because it was too bright out and bats like dark. Poor timing on Gaston's end. Gaston pulled his next card.

"Release the hens!"
"Errrgh. Globble. Cluck. Cluck. Wooob...." said the hens.
The hens merely clucked and made henny noises. They were not much of a threat to anything.

"Hey I'm still havin' a good time." thought Floppity Bruce.
"I'm having a bad time." thought Gaston, as his stress became more aggravated.

Floppity Bruce neared closer to the front of the manor.

"Release... the crickets!" said Gaston.
"Oh no! Not crickets!" said Floppity Bruce.
"Yes!!" said Gaston.
"Just kiddin', heh. I love crickets, so peaceful." said Bruce.
"Damn!" said Gaston.

Bruce finally made his way to the door.
"Pizza!" said Bruce as he knocked.
Gaston opened the door.
"Huh?" he said.
"You order a pizza?" asked Floppity Bruce.
"Oh, I don't think so. Um, maybe my wife did." said Gaston, "Honey? Did we order a pizza?!"
"Yes I did, is it here? You can have some..." said Gaston's wife, Judy Buttrese.

Floppity Bruce's purpose was to deliver a pizza to Gaston's home. Gaston felt stupid but ate a slice of pizza and forgot that he felt stupid because the pizza distracted him.

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